Risk Management

To ensure project success, effective risk management is vital at every phase. We offer a comprehensive range of Risk Management and Assessment services that can enable our clients to take a structured approach to managing risk at every stage of major capital projects.

OGCS methodology uses project management, work process proficiency and interpersonal effectiveness to facilitate teams through capital funding and risk management processes. OGCS is a Trusted partner in delivering risk-adjusted cost estimates and schedules and providing on-going assessment/guidance throughout execution. Our approach is adept at identifying issues, their root cause and translating complex processes into clear, understandable and actionable steps.

Our highly-experienced Risk Management Team have provided leadership, innovation, governance and management necessary to identify, evaluate, mitigate and monitor numerous major capital project risks, overseeing and monitoring all capital projects risk management activities.

We have facilitated risk review sessions, challenging assumptions, developing quantitative risk models using Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA), Crystal Ball and Acumen Risk and prepared Contingency Breakdown Reports for funding requests.

OGCS risk management tools and practices analyze and report on capital project market risks and manage risks according to capital project risk management framework and relevant policies. We ensure an organization's capital project risk management policies, limits and compliance with strategic imperatives via routine reviews and deep-dive audits throughout the project lifecycle.

Through internal consultation with PMTs, OGCS provides guidance throughout the funding process guaranteeing proper leadership awareness and approvals.

OGCS manages all technical, Stage-Gate, PDRI and functional reviews, assessing business objective alignment and fit-for-purpose work process compliance in close concert with functional, business unit, and corporate finance leaders.

  • Conducting Risk Management workshops to explore how to implement an integrated and flexible risk management framework.
  • Developing Risk strategies.
  • Developing quantitative Risk models
  • Developing Risk Management tools and practices,
  • Analysis and Reporting on capital project market Risk
  • Facilitating Risk Review sessions.
  • Risk Identification, Qualification, Quantification and Mitigation Planning.
  • Strategic Project Planning.
  • Project Review and Auditing.
  • Work Process and Stage Gate Process Owner.