Data and Systems

Historical Cost and Quantity Data

Historical data is at the heart of our quantity surveying and estimating service delivery. Our databases have been developed and gathered in line with the experience of our directors and senior managers on projects over the past 30 years in the oil and gas industry. The data is managed internally by full time personnel to provide industry leading information that adds significant value to our clients when making key decisions on their global projects. The data is continually updated to reflect current market conditions and structured in accordance with our OGCS project benchmarking methodology. This allows check estimates and benchmarking to be produced for clients at any one of 3 levels in our work breakdown structure and can benchmark direct costs, material costs and man-hour norms as well as indirect activities, preliminaries, engineering and project management.

OGCS continually harvest data from a wide range of sources which involves not only the specific projects and contracts we are directly providing services to, but also from our experienced personnel who bring to the company an extensive knowledge base which is unrivalled in the industry. Outside of this we have developed over the years a network of market intelligence, day to day contact with the contracting community and supply chain and active subscriptions to a number of industry sources (IHS petrodata, IPA, AACE etc). The market downturn since Q4 2014 has seen an enormous shift in pricing within the oil and gas supply chain and this has even further focused us in maintaining accurate and current data.

Software – boqsor™ (Unit Rate Contracting)

The boqsor™ – (Bill of Quantity Schedule of Rates) system is a proprietary software system developed by OGCS in response to industry needs to provide a structured approach to obtaining reliable fixed price bids for complex fabrication projects early in the project lifecycle when minimal design information is available. The system includes a fully customizable library of unit rate matrices across all disciplines covering all activities necessary in the compensation model for major oil and gas fabrication projects. The system is quantity based and includes detailed pricing preambles clearly stating what is included within each unit rate and the measurement rues for the associated quantities. If required by the contracting strategy the system provides an agreed roadmap for conversion to Lump Sum pricing at the point where the design is adequately developed to remove the associated risk.

boqsor™ is designed for electronic bidding by the fabricators or EPC contractors and includes an extremely powerful tender evaluation module capable automatic comparison of thousands of individual unit rates to identify anomalies, rogue rates or strategic bidding. It is also capable of running multiple sensitivity scenarios on the bids to assess the impact of quantity growth in various disciplines or areas. The process establishes rates and man-hour norms for every possible eventuality which are fixed at tender stage when maximum competitive leverage can be gained by the client. This way contract price and direct man-hours for the fabrication can be constantly monitored, forecasted and trended as the design develops.

Provisional bills of quantities are developed early in the design cycle using detailed out turn quantities from OGCS historical project databases for similar projects. These quantities are then customized utilizing key project data that is available namely weight reports, equipment lists line lists, specifications, basis of design data etc in an attempt to forecast the final project quantities. This provisional bill of quantities is then gradually updated as the design develops utilizing OGCS automated quantity measurement which harvests quantity data automatically from downloads from the 3D model. The system provides a fully auditable process for agreement of quantities throughout the project. Unit rate contracting has been extensively used in fabrication contracts globally so fabricators understand the principles. It takes away the risk for the contractor of having to provide lump sum pricing where there is little detailed definition on the project.

OGCS have extensive in-house libraries of historical out-turn quantity data across all types of fabrication projects including:

  • Onshore process plants, petrochemical, LNG facilities
  • Pre-Assembled units, Pipe-racks modularised fabrication onshore
  • Offshore topside modules from 1,000tne to 22,000tne
  • Offshore facilities and floating structures, fixed jackets, TLP, FPSO, Spar
  • Man-Hour Norms and unit rates for all major oil and gas fabrication locations including:
  • US Gulf of Mexico
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Singapore/Malaysia
  • Korea
  • China
  • Mexico

boqsor™ Cost Manager™

The OGCS proprietary boqsor™ Cost Manager™ software package is a comprehensive project cost management and reporting tool, specifically developed by OGCS for small to medium sized operators to provide project cost reporting.

The system provides the following key benefits in managing costs within the project:

  • Standard Technology - Based on Standard Microsoft Platform, the system is built on powerful SQL Server Database technology.
  • Web based – The system is web-based and allows access for multiple users from multiple locations.
  • Centralised Data Management - A centrally accessible repository for all Project Cost Data which can accommodate multiple formats of input data from multiple sources.
  • Flexible Reporting - Produces an extensive suite of fully configurable cost and forecast reports.
  • Consistency - Provides standard working/reporting methodology and consistent approach across multiple projects within an organisation through to closeout and capture of historical data for future project bench marking.
  • Standard Interfaces - Based on standard Microsoft platform, easy to use and integrates fully with other project systems, all reports are exported and usable in excel by all team members without the software.
  • Secure Data - Avoids errors associated with storage of data in spreadsheets – e.g. duplication, wrong data version etc.

The system is easy to use and straight forward to set up. Cost Breakdown Structures (CBS) can be either be created directly within the system or imported from other systems via the excel interface. The baseline project budget including relevant contingencies and allowances is input against the CBS and phased either automatically or manually over the project lifespan, Commitments are introduced as made or when actual contracts and purchase orders are executed and actual costs can be imported from SAP or other systems at the monthly cut off along with Value of Work Done (VOWD). A fully customisable reporting structure that produces cost reports and graphics depicting spend profiles, forecast costs, estimate to completion.